Saturday, January 28, 2006

Who left the seat up?

Here's a question that may rock the firmament of your world view: Why is "down" the default toilet seat position? Seriously, let's walk through this one. If the seat is up, nobody's pissing on it, right? How many times (guys) have you walked into the men's room and found the toilet seat down and pissed all over? Who's gonna raise a pissed-on toilet seat? Unless I happen to be wearing my Haz-Mat suit, I'm not touching the thing! But if it were up by default (imagine a small hydraulic device standard in toilet seats) nobody would be pissing on it. Not til later in the evening, anyway.

This has the added benefit of removing one of the perennial triggers of male/female domestic conflict as well.

This is today's contribution to world-betterment.


Beth Ryan said...

Hey dude in hammock!

I gotta say that one of my pet peeves - pun intended - is to see my cats ass sticking up on the air as he tries to drink from the toilet.

That's the reason in my house there is strict seat DOWN policy.

Frank ryan said...

Did you the mdidle of the night...perhaps partially hung-over...wander through the find the toilet...and sit down...? And your ass hits cold water...It's a terrible way to wake-up!