Wednesday, January 25, 2006

American Taliban

If you've ever been to a beach in Thailand, you've no doubt noticed that Thai women don't go for the bikini look. The back-story to that is quite interesting. Apparently, back in the days when the European powers were colonizing Sout-East Asia, the King of Thailand decreed that Thai people were never to be seen in public without being fully dressed. He theorized that the Europeans looked down upon public nudity and were thereby encouraged to colonize. As Thailand is the only country (kingdom) in the region never to have been a colony of a western power, he seems to have been right.

But what do we make of this? First they outlaw fur underwear in Uzbekistan:

Fur lined knickers banned
Fur-lined underwear has been banned in Uzbekistan after authorities deemed it too sexy.
Sales of the furry slips have rocketed in temperatures that have hit the region of below minus 20C.
But the government has now banned the lingerie saying they want to protect citizens from "unbridled fantasies" caused by wearing the soft fabric.

Now we've got wholesome swimwear for women. Things are already far too wholesome for me.

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