Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Alberto Gonzales in the Closet

Am I the only one who thinks the United States is being run by a cabal composed of closeted homosexuals and psychopathic homophobes? I had the misfortune to watch Alberto Gonzales in his latest masochistic testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee, and I swear my gaydar was ringing off the hook! It made me think about the whole Jeff Gannon situation from a few years ago: gay escort pretending to be a journalist uses a false name and gets Secret Service clearance to enter the White House over 100 times. What? He's in the same room with our precious, irreplaceable President, and he's a gay hooker using a fake name? What?

Bill Clinton isn't the only guy getting hummers in the West Wing. It's amazing to me that the public never found out WHO GOT THIS GUY PAST SECURITY. He didn't wander in on his own. This isn't like getting your friend into the disco. The Secret Service didn't rubber stamp his pass without looking into who he was. Somebody -- somebody with lotsa clout got him in. Who was it? Who, working in the White House, in a position of great authority, is pulling strings for a gay hooker who specializes in soldier-boy fantasies?

Can you say blackmail-ready? Did you know Rove's adoptive father was an openly-gay man with about three dozen body piercings -- most of them in his genitalia? Now, I'm not saying there's anything wrong with that, but there's certainly some cause to wonder what sorts of demons are lurking under Karl's bed at night.

It's no longer original to point out all the things this administration has done that make a blowjob from Monica seem to be no big deal and nobody's fucking business (how it seemed to me at the time), but come on. I submit to you that our government has gone well over into the Twilight Zone. Bush, Gonzalez, Rove... closeted gay boys who love macho uniforms and cower in fear of the Big Dick (Cheney), who knows their secret and wields it like a sushi knife.